Relocation Instructions

Instructions for Completing the Employee Expense and Relocation Reimbursement Form

At the time of offer for reimbursement of relocation expenses, the employee’s supervisor will:

  • Complete and approve the upper portion of the form located here: Payroll Forms
  • Give the original form to the employee for use in recording relocation expenses

Once the move is complete, the employee will:

  • Review the Relocation Policy for covered and non-covered expenses
  • Complete column 1 and sign the form
  • Submit the signed form along with the original receipts to the employee’s supervisor
  • For gasoline/fuel, please include a Google Maps print out or other proof of mileage distance

 The employee’s supervisor will:

  • Review the form for accuracy
  • Submit the completed form (signed by the employee) with the following:
    • Original receipts
    • A copy of the offer/assignment letter that references the relocation reimbursement
  • Send all of the items above to KSU Payroll Services at Mail Drop 9120 or scan and email to

KSU Payroll Services will:

  • Review the form for completeness and consistency with the original offer letter
  • Review attached receipts and verify that submitted expenses meet the IRS criteria for Qualified Moving Expenses
  • Verify the charges and account distributions
  • Email the employee and notify them of the amount to be reimbursed and the pay cycle on which it will be included