Salary Advances

Salary advances must be requested through the Payroll Manager at Kennesaw State University. Please send all requests via email to

You may only request a salary advance for an amount that you have already earned during the current payroll period. The Payroll Manager will calculate your earned pay amount for the period and inform you if your request is for an excess amount.

Once your salary advance is approved, the Bursar’s office will prepare your salary advance and you will be notified that you may pick up your advance at their office. The Bursar will then inform Payroll Services that your advance has been completed.

All salary advances will be deducted from your next paycheck. They may not be paid back on an installment basis.

Employees are limited to one salary advance per 12 month period unless there are extenuating circumstances. Exceptions to this policy need to have the approval of the Payroll Manager.