Off-Cycle Checks

In most instances, an off-cycle check will be issued for one of following reasons:

  • Payroll receives notification from ADP/Shared Services listing employees whose direct deposit has rejected, and direct deposit was over 16.0 hours and/or the gross amount is over $100.00.

  • Payroll has to pull back (place a stop payment) on a direct deposit due to an overpayment, or an employee notifies payroll that their account has been compromised. If the account has been compromised, an email detailing the situation must be sent to This type of off-cycle check is considered a stop payment reissue so please refer to the procedure for Stop Payment for more details.

  • Employee has not received their paycheck in the mail. Please refer to the  procedure for Stop Payment for more details.

  • An employee has not received a check on the designated pay date due to no fault of their own, meaning that all documentation and paper work has been completed with Human Resources for processing, and a time sheet has been completed. If all items have not been completed, then the retroactive payments will be included on the next schedule pay date.

  • All of an employee’s hours worked were not submitted, the amount of time not recorded is 16.0 hours or greater, a corrected time sheet has been completed and approved by the supervisor, and the employee’s supervisor requests an off-cycle check be processed.

  • Benefits deducted in error need to be refunded and the amount to be refunded exceeds $100.00. Otherwise, any refund under $100.00 will be included on the next regularly scheduled pay check.

  • Incorrect pay rates where the gross amount of underpayment is a minimum of $100.00. Otherwise, any retroactive payment under $100.00 will be included on the next regularly scheduled pay check. All requests for off-cycle checks including back up (corrected time sheets, paper work, etc) must be sent by email to in order to be included in the next off-cycle check run.

Processing Schedule for Off-cycle Checks:

  • Scheduled Pay Dates: For biweekly employees, this is every other Friday. Please refer to the Payroll calendar section for the specific dates.
    For monthly employees, this is the last Business day of the Month. Please refer to the Payroll calendar section for the specific dates.

  • Off-cycle checks will also be processed every Wednesday unless a regularly scheduled payroll is being processed. Then, Payroll Services will schedule a run as soon as the payroll being processed has been confirmed.


  • Off-cycle checks can only be processed as checks not direct deposits.

  • All off-cycle check requests should be sent to The email should include as much detail as possible as well as the employee’s contact information so a member of the Payroll Services staff can contact the employee once the off-cycle check has been processed.