Biweekly time entry

These instructions are intended for employees who put in total hours worked each day.

If you use a timestamp (clock in – clock out), please click here to go to those instructions.

Click here to see a video with the following instructions.

  • Log into the ADP portal at
  • At the Welcome screen, hover your mouse over the tab labeled Time and Attendance.
  • Click on Welcome.
  • Click on the Here link at All other employees.
  • Click on My Timecard. This will open up the time record for the current pay period.
  • On the row with the Pay Code of ‘Hours Worked,’ enter the hours worked for each workday in the corresponding cell.
  • To enter another Pay Code, click on the red button with the plus (+) sign and an arrow to create a new row for your exception time (vacation, sick, etc.) data.
  • In the new row, click on the cell containing the Pay Code and change the Pay Code to reflect the situation (vacation, sick, etc.).
  • Fill out the row with appropriate number of hours.
  • Once the time record is completed, click the red Save button.
  • Next, click on Approvals.
  • Click Approve.
  • Completing these steps indicates to your supervisor that your time is ready for their approval.

Questions about this process? Please contact us at