Delegation of Authority (Managers)

How to create and receive a Delegation of Authority to approve employee time in eTIME

As a manager, you may grant another eTIME manager temporary access to approve and edit time for your employees by using the Delegation of Authority function. Permanent changes of approvers must be submitted to Human Resources through the Personnel Action Form (PAF) process.

  • Sending a Request

    Receiving a Request

  • Please do the following to delegate authority for approving time.

    • Log into ADP and eTIME as a Manager.

    • Under the red “General” tab, choose “Actions.”Click on “Manager Delegation.”

    • In the “Delegate” box, use the pull down arrow and scroll until you find the name of the person to whom you wish to delegate authority.

    • Click to select. If you do not see their name, please contact Payroll Services. We can assist you and your potential delegate with the PAF process for them to become an approver.

    • Choose a Start Date for delegation. (Please note that it will not be effective until the start date. Consider using a date a few days early so s/he can test the system and make sure it works.)

    • Choose an End Date. The delegation will automatically expire on this date and no further action will be required. If this is going to be a long-term arrangement, you may pick a date far into the future.

    • Click the “Save & Close” button. A message will be sent to your delegate to accept the delegation of authority.

    • Forward these instructions to your delegate.

    If you are named as a delegate by another manager, you will receive a request to act as a temporary approver for their direct reports.

    Please note the start date in the delegation. You can accept it immediately, but it will not work until the start date. Please do the following to accept the delegation of authority.

    • Log into ADP.

    • Under the gray “Time & Attendance” pull down tab, choose “Welcome.”

    • Choose the “Managers/Approvers: Click Here to access eTIME” option.

    • Under the red “General” tab, choose “Inbox.”

    • Click on “Tasks.” You should see the delegation request from the delegating manager.

    • Click on the request to highlight it.

    • Click on the red “Edit ->” button.

    • Under “Select Action,” choose “Accept Delegation.”

    • Click on “Save & Close.”

    • Log all the way out of eTIME and ADP.

    • After the start date of the delegation:

    • When you log back into eTIME, you will have an option near the top of the page to “Switch Roles.”

    • Click on this and choose the delegating manager’s name.

    • Approve and edit time as necessary.

    The link below has several sets of instructions for approving time.