Time Detail Reports for Accrual Balances (Managers)

  • Log into the ADP portal at https://portal.adp.com.
  • At the Welcome Screen, click on the Tab labeled Manager
  • Under the Manager Tab, select Employee
  • Click on the tab labeled Time and Attendance.
  • Select Welcome.
  • Click on Managers and Approvers.
  • Click on “My Quick Navs.”
  • Select Pay Period Close.
  • For the Show field, your employee listing should default in; however if it does not, select "All Home and Transferred In."
  • For Time Period, the default will be Previous Pay Period. To select a different time range, click on the drop down arrow and select the time period for your report. To check multiple pay periods or a calendar year, use range of dates so you can key in the dates for which you want data.
  • Click Actions and Select All. This will highlight all employees. For one employee, click once on that person to highlight.
  • In the top left corner, click on the Report option.
  • Under Detail genie, select Time Detail (second to last option in section).
  • Click on the tab labeled Set Options.
  • Click on Actual/Adjusted.
  • Select Actual and adjusted/historical hours. This will include any hours manually keyed from a paper timesheet.
  • Click on Employee Page Break.
  • Click Yes. If running report for multiple employees, this will create a page break per employee.
  • Click Run Report.
  • Click the Refresh Status option until Status of report = Complete.
  • Click on View Report.

This produces a pdf file.

  • To print, click on the print option for the pdf file. Print the last page only for the totals.