Requesting Time Off

Log into the ADP portal at

  • At the Welcome Screen, click on the tab labeled Time and Attendance
  • Select Welcome
  • Click on Other Users
  • In eTIME under the My Information section, click on My Actions.
  • Click on My Actions.
  • Biweekly employees click on Biweekly Employee Request Time Off
  • Monthly employees click on Monthly Employee Request Time Off
  • At the top of the window that opens, your available accrual balances will be listed.
  • In the Request Type field, click on the drop down and select sick or vacation
  • In the Start Date field, type in the day you are requesting off
  • In the End Date field, type in the day your time off will end. Please note that if your time off goes through a weekend, you will then need to submit 2 requests. 1 through Friday, and a 2nd starting the following Monday
  • In the Message field, key in any information regarding the time off request you would like your supervisor to know
  • In the Start Time field, key in the time the request off will start. If you are requesting a full day off and you start at 8am, put in 8:00am. If it is an afternoon doctor’s appointment and you have to leave at 1pm, key in 1:00pm
  • In Hours Per Day, key in the number of hours each day you will be taking off. For a full day, list 8
  • Leave Day Type as is
  • Click Next

A pop-window will appear that says “Thank you for your Time Off Request.

  • Click Save & Close

This will send an email to your supervisor stating that there is a request in eTIME to approve.

Once approved, the time will be recorded on a schedule to populate your timecard once the month it will be taken is current.

To cancel a request, you will go into the system and follow the above listed steps.

  • For Biweekly employees you will select Biweekly Employee Cancel Time Off Request. 
  • For Monthly employees you will select Monthly Employee Cancel Time Off Request.