What We Do

The mission of Decision Support is to develop system plans that meet data analysis, automation and information management requirements of our campus constituency.  

A major objective of our group is to increase users' capacity to leverage and assimilate new and emerging technologies; maximize accuracy, reliability, and validity of workforce data; and ease deployment and collection of data and information. The department’s primary focus is on establishing integrated systems for the administration and deployment of strategic employment and payroll information.

Following are some of our areas of focus. For more information about the applications we develop and support, please contact us at Decision_Support@Kennesaw.edu.

  • We have implemented Dell's Toad Business Intelligence Suite as a way of delivering the power of information to the desktops of our users. The BI Suite enables us to deliver scheduled exception and audit reports to the users that need them automatically at required intervals so that data entry and maintenance can be made more accurate and timely.

    In addition, data can be retrieved and updated by users who may then filter, sort, summarize, and graph the important information and metrics that they need in order to achieve their strategic goals.

    For more information regarding access to the Business Intelligence Suite tools and data, please contact us at decision_support@kennesaw.edu.

  • Our department supports and maintains online applications for use by the various campus teams. The One Time Deduction (OTD) application is used by Employment and Benefits to update Payroll Services on changes affecting employee pay. The Special Pay Request/Staff Teaching Requisition (SPAR/STR) application allows Payroll Services to track and report on pay requests. 

  • In addition to scheduled reports our group also supplies ad hoc reports to departments and employees on an "as needed" basis after proper approval of data access has been established.

    In order to request an ad hoc report, please complete the Decision Support Report Request Form and submit the form to decision_support@kennesaw.edu for review and developer assignment. The developer will work with you to create the report, test the results, and set up any requested automated follow-ups.