Compensatory Time

According to the USG compensatory time policy, approved compensatory time is subject to a 240-hour maximum accumulation. Employees who have reached the compensatory time maximum must receive a cash payment for any additional overtime.

For the fiscal year of 2020, all compensatory time balances on record as of May 30, 2020 will be paid out on the June 19, 2020 pay date. Compensatory time earned after May 30, 2020 will carry forward into the upcoming fiscal year.

The USG policy on compensatory time can be found by visiting the following website -

Additional information regarding the use of compensatory time off:

  • If an employee uses compensatory time that causes them to go over 40 paid hours for the work week; they will need to adjust the number of compensatory hours used so that their total paid hours for the work week are not more than 40 hours.  The unused compensatory time will be returned to their compensatory time bank.
  • When entering compensatory time on the timecard please do not use the time reporting code Comp Time Payout.