Earnings Codes

Your pay statement will provide you with a detailed list of the gross pay that you are receiving as compensation. This detailed list of payments is included under the heading "Earnings" on your pay statement.


  • Most earnings will be listed as REG (Regular pay) although there are a number of other variations of gross payments. Some of these include:

    • ADM (Non-instructional assignments). Payment made to faculty for non-instructional academic-related work.
    • AST (Additional straight time). Payment for time over 40 hours in a week but paid at straight time.  This primarily occurs where an employee has had some non-work hours in the work (usually sick or holiday time) and then worked hours that put them over 40 total hours for the week.

    For example, if an employee has 8 sick hours during the week and works another 35 hours, the 3 hours over 40 would be paid as additional straight time. Overtime is only paid on hours worked over 40 hours and sick and vacation hours do not qualify as time worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

    • EXS (Extra pay - staff). Payment for joint staffing reimbursements, additional pay for other duties, special pay requests (SPARs), etc.
    • HOL (Holiday pay). Payment for designated holidays at the institution.
    • NME (Non-qualified moving expenses). Payment for taxable reimbursements of relocation costs submitted with proper approvals but without associated documented receipts.
    • OVL (Overload payments). Payments made to faculty members for additional work represented by a change to their contract.
    • OVT (Overtime pay). Payment for all hours worked over 40 hours in a week for overtime eligible employees.
    • SCK (Sick pay). Payment for earned and properly documented sick time taken.
    • SUM (Summer pay). Payments for summer and maymester sessions only. These are submitted by the academic department and approved by Academic Affairs.
    • SUF, SUP, SUS (Supplemental pay). Payments for various types of supplemental pay. The code is used to determine if the payments are retirement eligible, based on the type of pay and the employment status of the employee.
    • UNC (Uncompensated). Time that is being uncompensated as a result of depleted vacation or sick time, undocumented absences or unpaid leave.
    • VAC (Vacation pay). Payment for earned and properly designated vacation time.
    • VPS, VPF (Vacation payout). Payment made for unused vacation either at the end of the employment relationship or upon transition from a 12-month employee to a 10-month faculty position.

Special note for monthly salaried employees:

On the pay statement for monthly salaried employees, there a number of line items that will not affect the total gross pay. These are noted with an asterisk (*) preceding the name of the earnings type. These items include vacation, sick, and holiday for salaried employees as these do not affect the total salary.

If you have any questions about the type of earnings listed on your pay statement, please contact the Payroll Services staff at payroll@kennesaw.edu.